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The benefits of choosing recycled products

Choosing our recycled plastic or rubber products brings both environmental and economic benefits whilst supporting British jobs.

Most UK waste is destined for export, but by manufacturing here in Britain, we positively influence local employment and the impact on our environment.

  • Save on labour costs – significant savings can be made due to minimal maintenance and replacement requirements.  Our products are manufactured to the highest standard, and are built to last.

  • Cut the cost of vandalism – the surface texture of our recycled plastic is more resistant to graffiti than traditional materials. It’s proven to stand up to other types of criminal damage too.

  • Reduce the whole life cost of the product– recycled plastic is crack proof, insect resistant, UV tolerant, splinter free, impervious to rot and algae and less flammable than traditional alternatives. Our recycled plastic products have a life expectancy at least 4 times that of timber with little visible wear and no painting or preservatives necessary.

  • Improve your environmental responsibility – our recycled plastic products will never leach or contaminate the soil or ground water. The material is non-porous and does not contain the toxic chemicals found in pressure treated lumber. The majority of our products originate from UK waste and are 100% recyclable, manufactured from plastics that would otherwise have gone to landfill.
  • Reduce the health and safety risk– Due to the surface texture created by the intrusion moulding process, our recycled plastic profiles and decking boards are less slippery than wood, meaning  you can create safe surfaces like walkways without the need for chicken wire. During cold periods, the material efficiently holds latent heat resulting in a reduced ice/frost hazard.

For WRAPs report on the environmental benefits of recycling click here

British Recycled Plastic develops commercially viable construction products and outdoor furniture made from 100% recycled waste, concentrating on plastic.

We’re an environmentally conscious, customer focused company, driven by the desire to create new products and markets for plastic waste, saving it from landfill.

Business philosophy

  • Focus on customer needs
    We recognise and accept that change is a sure thing. This provides us with the opportunity to be responsive to customer needs and underpins our flexible approach to finding the best alternative to traditional materials and processes.
  • Simply provide the best solution
    Business decisions are seldom between what’s right or wrong but rather, what’s good or best. With this in mind, we strive to provide the most sustainable solution to the customer, balanced by a clear understanding that value and quality must always be at the heart of our our decision-making.